The Dark Knight Slot Machines

‘Why so serious?’ With that cruelly delivered line, the Joker struck fear into our hearts as we watched, enthralled by the vicious madness that surrounded him. One of the most successful movies of all time, the Dark Knight was critically acclaimed as a cinematic masterpiece and it once more graces our screens as the Dark Knight slots.

A highly-anticipated series of slot games beginning with the Dark Knight and finishing with the Dark Knight Rises, the Dark Knight slots have legions of fans waiting to continue their Batman experience. Drawing from the movie’s theme of moral ambiguity and good vs evil, in order to play Dark Knight slots you’ll need to have chosen a side. Play the game as Batman or the Joker – whichever you choose, you’ll need to battle the other for Gotham City! Will you choose the billionaire playboy-turned superhero, Batman? Or do you secretly wish to dabble on the dark side by choosing the psychopathic clown, the Joker?

The battle for Gotham City begins in this five-reel, fifty-payline slot game that features the Joker, the Batman, Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes. Enjoy the thrilling music taken straight from the film, as you spin the reels of the Dark Knight slot machine in search of Gotham gold. Throughout the game, three random events can trigger a shower of bonuses for the lucky player: firstly, the Joker can drive across the screen and launch a rocket, creating an explosion of credits. Secondly, if Batman chases after him, shooting the back of his vehicle, that will trigger more credits. Finally, the Bat signal and Two Face’s coin make appearances as well.

The Dark Knight slots have a few surprises in store for you as well – you’ll be able to relive the best parts of the movie as the bonus rounds incorporate familiar scenes from the Dark Knight. If you enjoy a pick-style bonus, the Dark Knight slot has two unique bonuses you’ll love – the Agents of Chaos and the Sonar bonuses, in which multiple choices and winning outcomes are possible. If you’ve always loved card tricks, the Sleight of Hand Bonus requires you to swipe over the screen to flip over the Joker’s cards to reveal astonishing prizes. Best of all, we hear rumours that the progressive Gotham Community bonus will be battled out via a car chase scene between the Joker and Batman himself...

With so many great features, amazing game play and lots of cash to be won, the Dark Knight slots promise to be hugely entertaining. If you’d like to be rewarded even before you begin, click our link above to access your special bonus. Make sure you check back for the release of the Dark Knight Rises in 2013!