Batman vs Superman: The Dark Knight is back

So it seems that our favourite hero in Black is not content with just fighting men anymore, he has now turned his attention to a superhero with superhuman powers. Ben Affleck reprises his role as the Dark Knight himself to hold Superman, played by Henry Cavill, accountable for the destruction caused to Metropolis in the […]

Choose your Side on this Slot

On this slot there are four high paying progressive jackpots that can be won but as they are paid randomly, you cannot influence in any way when they will be paid but once you have been selected to win one, you can influence which one it is that you win. If whilst playing the Dark […]

How to Play the Dark Knight Slot

Since you can only play this slot for real money, it is important for novice players not just to know what to expect in the game but also how to play it. Getting to know the various thrilling features in the Dark Knight slots is key in knowing how it is played. This is due […]

A Wild can be Blown into these Slots

The wild symbol on these slots is the Batman symbol but at times it is possible that another one may appear on the reels also. The Joker, Batman’s arch enemy, also appears on the Dark Knight slots and he may blow a regular symbol off one of the reels and replace it with one of […]

The Joker is No Joke on this Slot

The Joker is no Joke on this slot, he is a very serious character that can bring you a wealth of wins and can even resort to blowing up regular symbols in order to help you. On the Dark Knight slot machine, it is usually the Batman symbol which is the wild but sometimes, if […]

Stack the Wilds on these Slots

On these slot machines it is possible for the wild symbols to be stacked and if you can successfully stack them on all 5 reels at the same time, you could earn yourself a win of up to 4,000,000 coins, a win big enough to impress any superhero. When you play Dark Knight slots, which […]

Batman is Wild on this Slot

On this slot machine, which is based on Batman, who later became known as the Dark Knight in Hollywood, it should be no surprise to hear that the Batman symbol is the wild but what may be surprising is that the Joker, his arch enemy, is the scatter symbol and can therefore earn you as […]

There are random Bonuses on this Slot

On this slot machine there are random bonuses which are handed out by either Batman or the Joker. When you play Dark Knight slot, either Batman or the Joker may appear at any time, randomly, to award you an extra bonus feature which could be free spins, giving you extra opportunities to win, multipliers that […]

Visit the Dark Side on these Slots

When you play these slot machines, if you are randomly selected to win one of the four progressive jackpots that are available, you will be given the choice of who you want to play a mini game on your behalf, to determine which of the jackpots you are to win. On the Dark Knight slots, […]

The Joker Creates Free Spins on this Slot Machine

On this slot machine, it is a representation of the Joker as a symbol on the reels that is the scatter and so it is his symbol which can trigger the free spins round. The Dark Knight slot machine is themed on Batman who is often referred to as the Dark Knight and as the […]