The Joker is No Joke on this Slot

Posted on December 28, 2014

The Joker is no Joke on this slot, he is a very serious character that can bring you a wealth of wins and can even resort to blowing up regular symbols in order to help you. On the Dark Knight slot machine, it is usually the Batman symbol which is the wild but sometimes, if he chooses to, the Joker may blow up a regular symbol, put himself in its place and when he does so, that symbol also becomes a wild temporarily.

The Batman wild is capable of being stacked and depending on how many reels you are able to stack them on, you can gain some impressive wins but if you can stack them on all 5 of the reels at the same time, the win you receive could be big enough to literally be life changing.

When the Joker is not playing around at being a wild, his symbol is the scatter and it will only take 3 of them to trigger the bonus round. Once the bonus round has been triggered, 15 free spins will be awarded and these free spins are special spins as, any win that occurs during the playing of them, automatically doubles in value, making it potential, a very high earning round and very lucrative for any player.

Batman and the Joker of course, are rivals, Batman seeking to fight crime where ever he may find it in Gotham City and the Joker determined to commit crime in his favourite city. This rivalry continues on this slot by each one of them trying to impress you and to do so, either one could show up at any time, even during the playing of the bonus round, to offer you an extra, special bonus and although either one may offer the bonuses, the bonuses remain the same and can include either free spins, multipliers or cash awards.

The rivalry reaches a high point if you are allotted to win one of the 4 randomly awarded jackpots as, you have to choose between them as to who will represent you to play for one of these jackpots.